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Soul's Team IC 18 : OTODAYO SHEITAN - Registrations & Ru

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СообщениеДобавлено: Ср Фев 16, 2022 9:01 pm    Заголовок сообщения: Soul's Team IC 18 : OTODAYO SHEITAN - Registrations & Ru Ответить с цитатой




Ah sh*t... Here we go again !

Hello everyone ! Welcome to the 18th edition of the annuary Soul's Team Iron Chef !

No one understands why you still come back every year to suffer for 3 days with no sleeping, eating dirty food and kick your health out by drinking gallons of coffee and redbull... this is like HELL guys !
What's your problem ? To take 1K views on Youtube ? Impressive, stop breaking the algorithm please !

Nevertheless, you're still here... you like that : to go beyond the pain to make an AMV by yourself, and... yeah, this is the best feeling !

For this edition OTODAYO SHEITAN you will enter in the doom of the painfull amv editors no-life zone.
We added some particularities to get extra points and a little change about the usual ranking system that you can read below (don't miss it !).



Alv' - Redrum - Nyala
The No Rescue team winner from the previous edition



. Thursday 3rd March 2022 (20h - GMT+1) to Sunday 6th March 2022 (23h59 - GMT+1)



. What's an Iron Chef ? You "simply" make a video within a limited time (here 72h) with a date and start time and end time that you'll find above.

Get a team and register it (registration rules below)

. 1 team = 3 editors
. 1 editor choose 1 category and edit 1 clip

. 2 rankings :
- A ranking by category
- A  general team ranking will be done according to the individual ranking of your teammates
(example : Jean is 2nd in ACTION category, Mohamed is 1st in FUN category and Sakura is 42th in PSYCHE category. Sakura has just screw up, this useless piece of sh*t).

Basically if you really want to win this IC, get the higher rank of your category, GL !

Common sense reminder : EVERYTHING must be edited specially for ST IC starting on the moment the music is available.
Don't try us with scenes stolen from others AMVs, we know exactly what are you doing, because we have the third eye.

Common sense reminder 2 : garbage / hentai sources, sexual assaults scenes or any kind of visual assault will be punished very severely with a free fall in the rankings.
There is a lot of young people who participate to this contest, so be consoncious about your scenes selection.



1. Find 2 teammates. (anybody who doesn't hate you if possible)

2. Find a stylish name for the team that you just created (example: "The Overrated One Piece")

3. Then each of you will have to choose a category from the 6 available (a bit lower on this topic).

4. Fill the form at the end of the topic to register.
We insist : don't lose your brain, scroll to the end of the topic and you'll find the correct way to register your team. Don't spam us about the good way to register, thank you !

5. When the contest is starting, musics pack will be available to you and you'll have to choose a music to edit in the category you participate in.

6. Once you finish your AMV, you will upload it to a server that will be made available before the deadline.



In this edition, you'll have 2 ways to get more points :

We'll provide to you with the musics packs a file with some short scenes from different animes ; in raw version and without background.
It's up to you to find a way to use one (on more) of those Sheitan Scenes in your clip. If you releve the challenge, you'll be rewared.
The amv with the best use of Sheitan scene will get another extra point.

N.B : this extra point is obviously a bonus. You don't have to do it if you don't wan't. This is our challenge to you.

- Use of Sheitan Scene +1pt
- Best Use of Sheitan Scene +1pts

2/ Winning a Special Prize, we kept this from the lasts editions  

- Best Overall (Judge Pick) Video +5pts
- Best Overall (Audience Pick) Video +3pts
- Best Editing Video* +5pts
- Best Story Video* +5pts
- Best VFX Video* +5pts

*cannot win multiple special prizes in these categories



As we said, we added some changes to the usual ranking system :

This edition, each categories will get a top of the 20 best AMVs, then the Amvs below the top 20 will be ranked by tiers, by packs of 10 in random placement [b]with the same points for each tiers.

- Top 20 (From best amv with max points to the 20th with less - individual score).
- Tiers 1 (From top 21 to 30 - same points for everyone).
- Tiers 2 (From top 31 to 40 - same points for everyone).
- Tiers 3 (From top 41 to 50 - same points for everyone).

Obviously, if you'll get Tiers 1, you'll reveive more points than the others amvs ranked in Tiers 2, 3, etc.
We insist : your position in these tiers will means nothing, everyone in a tiers rank will get the same points.

We decided to change the usual way of ranking to make it easier. You are so many (further 200 Jesus) that make the ranking unevitably long and difficult. We prefer to get more time to judge the high ranked AMVs than spend hours to decide if the 42th AMV is better than the 43th, it's really pointless (and no one cares).



. Video codec : Mp4, Avi, Mov
. Audio codec : Mp3, Aac, Flac, Wav
. Containers :  Mp4, Mkv, Avi, Wmv 
. File size : < 300mo
. Duration : 2 minutes minimum

Advice 1 :
Avoid logos, aliasing, subtitles... everything that make your video lower on ranking

Advice 2 :
Get your music on better quality when the packs will be available (cause we only provide to you low quality songs to make the packs the most lightweight as possible)



. Action
0% story 100000% kicks on faces
. Psyche
Take your pills
. Horror
Bouh !
. Fun
Be funny, not weird
. Romance/Drama
The cat AMV from the last edition is still the best one on my heart... F*ck you dolphins
. Dance

I will kill myself if you don't stop edit League of Legend MMV scenes
. The Last Standing
Each top 2 of each categories will unlock this category to see a final rank amongst all the best top 2 of each categories



. A Discord server is available for spamming (don't, we do have moderators), because the old forum system is severely dying, but the registration still staying on the forum !
You can use the discord server to find teammates and share your clips.

. Like the lasts editions, a livestream will be available for the top 5 of each category while the judging part progression and a last livestream of the top 10 AMV of the contest. You will get informed on our social medias, on forum and on Discord.

We wish you a very good Iron Chef !
We hope you will enjoy this edition with your mates and make incredible videos ! Good luck eveybody !


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